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Vegetable cutter

Chopping vegetables just got easier and faster



Multi-function: The portable electric vegetable slicer has 4 functions (slicing, slicing, peeling, and cleaning) for different uses. You can prepare a variety of ingredients for easy cooking, saving time and effort. Make your life better.
High Quality: This mini slicer is made of ABS, food grade PC materials and stainless steel blades, which is light and durable. Stainless steel blade, serrated edge, makes ingredients more delicate.
Innovative Design: The vegetable cutter has a circular filling hole for long ingredients such as peppers that can be inserted directly, avoiding the tedious steps of opening and screwing the lid, an ideal tool to make home cooking easier and faster.
Ergonomic design: The multifunctional slicer is comfortable in the hand, as its design is elegant and comfortable while working with it.

Two years warranty

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